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PT. Catur Eka Mandiri or PT. CEM was established in February 2012 to provide a good quality of service as a General Contractor especially in Fabrication & Construction for Pressure Vessel, Piping Spool, Steel Structure, Modules and a Yard Management and Maintenance Service Provider as well.

PT. CEM, has a very good and hard-working staff, which has a lot of experiences in this field. The prime objective of PT. CATUR EKA MANDIRI is to provide products and services which conform to the standard and requirement as well as meeting client’s expectations and remain competitive.

Eventhough we are new but, we will always be applying from day to day corrective action to improve our performance to meet the qualitythat you need. And also, to give satisfaction to all of our customers. Beside that, we have qualified workforces and also backed up by a good method and high quality material.

1. Being a company that always put Quality and Customer Satisfaction as number one priority
2. Being a Leading and Independent Company

1. Empowering Human Resources (HR) into tough, dedicated, and high quality individual
2. Always trying to put the quality of our product & Service
3. Serving Consumers properly and timely

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